Illuminating Rural Women and Girls Foundation (IRUWAGFO), is an officially registered Non-Governmental organization in Cameroon. It was formed in 2017 by some dynamic ladies  so passionate about the economic growth and sustainable development of rural women and girls.

These ladies felt a need to get men involved in some of their activities because it is evident that the issue of gender based violence cannot be critically dealt with, without getting the perpetrators of violence involved. The founding members of IRUWAGFO are of diverse socio-cultural background. It is an organization that seeks to bridge inter-generational gaps and give women and youths (especially girls) a better voice space.

And so;  members gathering from their life experiences are developing innovative programs, that will enhance the education and empower  rural women and girls to enable them participate as equal citizens in the economic, political and socio-cultural development of their families and society.




Specific Objectives:

  • To improve on the living conditions of rural women and girls by empowering them through income generating and capacity building programs.
  • To improve on the health of rural women and girls through community innovative education and sensitization programs that will end communicable diseases and negative socio-cultural norms and practices putting women and girls health at risks.
  • To uplift the dignity of rural women and girls by creating seed fund incubators set out to economically empower them with skills and resources that will enable them become innovative actors, contributing in promoting sustainable community development.
  • To promote local initiatives and projects that will enhance socio-economic development and self-reliance of our target population, family members and rural communities.
  • To create community awareness and enhance their contributions towards the protection of the rights of women and girls.
  • To promote Environmental Education and climate change mitigation efforts through community out-reach and sensitization programs.


Headquarter of IRUWAGFO

The headquarters of IRUWAGFO is based in the South West Region of Cameroon, where there are still some negative socio-cultural stereo types like female genital mutilation, forced and early child marriages, denial of girl child and widows inheritance rights, boy- child preference over girl-child especially in access to education etc; with the burden felt more by rural women and girls.

Among st these setbacks are reasons why we find it very imperative to empower rural women and girls; to be creative and develop a change of mindset that will enable them to be self-dependent and become effective partners in development. They have to be conscious of their abilities to change themselves, families and communities.

IRUWAGFO is currently working with over 45 groups drawn from Manyu and Fako Divisions in the South West Regions of Cameroon.

Working with some groups
 Some Members
Working with women’s groups
Working with women’s groups


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